Dream Recovery System Lighted Pen


One click, pen tip comes out.

Second click, pen tip goes in.

Third click, pen tip come out and the light shines.

The fourth click, pen tip goes in and the light turns off.

Smooth writing. It’s a honey of a pen! You’ll probably regret only ordering one if you only order one.


Nothing beats using an affordable lighted pen to record your dreams.

While you can record your dreams in one place or another, a lighted pen is almost indispensable.

You avoid the hassle of turning on your bedside light and its assault on your dilated pupils. The light won’t disturb your sleeping partner. You won’t have to get up to the bathroom to write in your journal. You’ll also write a lot clearer in the middle of the night.

Nothing beats paper for recording your dreams. You can make quick notes. You can draw pictures when words fail you. You’ll avoid the hassle of listening to a long recording.

Not every color is available all the time, though many are. If you have a favorite color, please request that color and another one. We’ll promise to do our best to supply one color or the other.

We interviewed a number of manufacturers to give you the best value for your money when it comes to lighted pens. This is the best single-pen price you’re going to find anywhere unless you manage to get a five-finger discount from someone else who has one! That would make it free, of course.

Don’t be a pen thief! Order one today.

30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

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