Free Celebrity Sleep Coaching During Sleep Challenge

From Monday, September 27 to Friday, October 1 ChiliSleep will host the Back to Sleep Challenge.

It’s an online, free, five-day event featuring prominent speakers from the world of performance improvement and sleep medicine along with a dedicated Facebook group and homework to practice implementing what you learned.

The lineup includes:

Kelly Starrett—physical therapist and author of the bestselling books Becoming a Supple Leopard and Ready to Run.

Mollie McGlockin—host of the Sleep Is a Skill podcast.

Dr. Michael Breus—entrepreneur, psychologist, blogger at The Sleep Doctor.

Vonda Wright, MD—author of several books on active aging and practitioner of orthopedic sports medicine.

Jason Campbell—#1 charting Billboard and Amazon meditation music musician.

Sky Christopherson— Former Olympic cycling athlete, entrepreneur, and documentary filmmaker.

“We have a great lineup of speakers—from doctors to Olympians,” Chilisleep CEO Tara Youngblood said by e-mail. “You will be able to walk away with your own personal sleep recipe.”

“Whether you can’t get to sleep, can’t stay asleep, never wake up rested, struggle to have time to sleep, or just want to optimize your sleep so you can perform your best this challenge is for you,” Youngblood added.

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