What Does Dreaming About a Robot or Artificial Intelligence (AI) Mean?

a toy robot

When the histories of our era are written, AIs and robots will be noted as just one of the many changes generations alive today had to navigate.

It very well could be the biggest.

While technology has been marching along for hundreds of years, the need for adaptation hasn’t been anything compared to what will be required now to face the challenge of AI.

Every corner of our daily life will be impacted in some way by AI. Many jobs will be too. For example, self-driving vehicles would challenge the existence of around 9.1 percent of all jobs.

This time, however, technological advancement affects white-collar jobs, too. For example, this month, an AI will defend a human over a traffic ticket.

Much of the news, however, drones on about hot-button issues that aren’t nearly as impactful: transgenderism, dress codes in the Missouri legislature, and the temporary ups and downs in the price of staples.

The effects of the dawn of the AI continues just underneath the surface.

Getting a handle on your high-tech dream

To gain a deeper understanding of your dream about a robot or artificial intelligence (AI), analyze your feelings associated with the dream.

Did the dream make me feel empowered or scared?

What other emotions did I experience when I encountered the AI?

Were the feelings positive or negative?

By taking the time to analyze your feelings associated with the dream, you can better understand what the dream may be trying to tell you about yourself and your current life situation.

Is the technological creation a threat?

Is it an opportunity?

Many people will have mixed feelings about the technology.

Robots and AI are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they save time, empower people, and sometimes perform jobs that people really don’t want to do. On the other hand, they can throw people out of work and heighten economic insecurity. They have fundamentally changed life in modern times, and they’re going to continue to change it.

Understanding how you feel about the robot or the AI in question in your dream is probably more important than any singular feature of the robot from your dream like its color or anything else. Take note of any detail you remember, however. The meanings may become clearer in time.

Apprehensions about technological change are nothing new. People have had it for thousands of years. Yet robots and AI have progressed by leaps and bounds over the past few years and may start supplanting whole categories of people in the economy. These changes could easily affect your goals, how you spend your days, and the rest. People will work out how they feel about robots and AI in their dreams.

Other points about the robot or AI dream

Other than that, a dream about a robot(s) or AI is like any other dream. It can be interpreted with the same process.

More than ever, we need the processes associated with ancient wisdom that comes through dream interpretation. As a people, we’ve had to face competition from across the globe like never before, and now increasing competition from AIs.

Few people run through a SWOT analysis routinely. The exercise is usually intended for people who are leading a business. Yet, no matter your field, taking stock of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats is a good idea. And the individual or household is, at its root, the smallest unit of the economy.

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