Make Sleeping Better Your 2024 Resolution!

Happy 2024, dear readers!

It’s always popular to make New Year’s resolutions about health. Why not? It’s the most valuable thing you own if you have it. According to some surveys, more than half of the resolutions deal with aspects of health. Sleep, of course, plays a big role in overall health.

Sleep and dreams are what we concern ourselves with around here at Dream Recovery System headquarters.

We’ve got our dreams for the coming year. We’re looking forward to finishing the definitive work on the power of dream journaling. Our dream is to get the book finished and to find an excellent publisher for it.

It all starts with sleeping well

One thing that has become apparent over the years of research around the topic is that if you can improve the way you sleep, you can improve the way you think and improve your health.

Then, if you improve both the way you sleep and your health, you’ll improve dream recall.

Then, if you improve dream recall, you can work to understand your dreams.

If you can understand your dreams, you can resolve all kinds of other problems and issues you might have.

It all starts with sleeping well. Our “obsession” makes sense.

A very popular resolution this time of the year is to lose weight. People plan to do that by improving their diet and working out. That, too, is made easier by sleeping enough and sleeping well.

Cheers! Welcome, 2024!


James Cobb, RN, MSN is the founder of the Dream Recovery System, a top sleep blog according to Feedspot.

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