Law of Attraction Not Working For You? Clues As To Why May Be In Your Dream Journal

Cherish your visions and dreams, as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements. — Napoleon Hill. 

This blog would never be one to throw stones at any of the works in the vein of the Power of Positive Thinking, the Law of Attractionthe Secret, or the Prayer of Jabez.

This blog would never even denounce any ministers of the gospel of prosperity either, past or present.  

That’s because I want them to be right. I want to attract all kinds of great things into my life just with the power of my mind and attitude.  

You want to be able to do this too.

Why wouldn’t you?  

Rationally considering it, thinking positively is your only choice if you want anything good in life. The more positive you are, the better your life is. Everything good starts with the word “can”. Overly negative thinking doesn’t lead anywhere. “Realistic thinking” is dubious. If all we ever tried to be as realistic then nothing amazing would ever happen. That would suck because that’s boring. Furthermore, incredible things actually happen from time to time.  

Yet any dream journaler who has been maintaining the habit for any length of time knows 100 percent positive thinking is either hard to do or impossible. No matter the amount of positive thinking we muster, we’re aware our subconscious sells us out on a regular basis. We see the evidence in our dream journals.

The Law of Attraction states we attract into our lives whatever it is we focus on. The idea goes that if you concentrate on love, you attract love. If you concentrate on money, you attract money. Banish doubt from your mind. Your life will improve. 

Yet you can’t control your subconscious like that. You can’t make it lie to itself.

Why is the Law of Attraction not working for you?

Because your subconscious is keeping its hold on reality.

Attracting copious amounts of cash isn’t so simple

Let it be known that I once again failed to win the lottery last night. I’ve been at this for over three years ever since reading Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success twice. During my waking hours, I’m fully confident winning the lottery would be a good thing for me. I have a plan. I’ve read of and known others who seemed to handle the whole process admirably. I’ve learned from their triumphs and failures. There’s more than enough room in my bank account to accommodate a huge jackpot. 

According to those tomes, if the amazing, wonderful thing you want doesn’t manifest, it’s because you haven’t been thinking positively enough. Keep trying.  

I think I know where my problem lies: my damn subconscious, at least 50 percent of any human mind.  

You can’t change your subconscious to really imagine that you have cash that isn’t there. That part of your mind is going to call you out on it. If you did think you had a big fat wad of cash and you didn’t actually have it, then that would be a hallucination. Having hallucinations isn’t going to do you any good.

Can you measure the attracting vibrations you’re putting out?

No. Unfortunately, the number of positive vibes anyone is mustering can’t be measured objectively. There’s no meter.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was? Say there was a scale that went from one to 100. Say you were able to bury the needle of that device above 99 consistently, focusing on having millions of dollars. According to the Law, that would mean the universe would see that the money would flow into your pockets one way or another. Such a meter would give you feedback so you could see where you were failing. Just got to keep it above 99. Then it was guaranteed.  

Maybe they’ll make one someday. That would be nice. 

I’ve given the process three years. I will continue to work with the process, giving it my belief. My favorite lottery game has two drawings a week. I play most of those drawings, one ticket. If I miss a drawing because I didn’t get a chance to buy a ticket, I buy an extra. I buy them because I believe I’d be an excellent lottery winner. 

I buy them because I’m an excellent huge jackpot winner (see, you’re supposed to state your intention in the present tense as if it has already happened).  

So, let me assure you that I’m doing everything right. I’ve gotten lots of coaching in this mindset for several years from a variety of written sources and even on YouTube and from  Joel Osteen on his SiriusXM channel on long car rides through west Texas. 

None of those authors, ministers, and speakers ever talks about the subconscious mind. They have one. Everyone does. The subconscious is a wild card. It holds up a mirror to your life and doesn’t necessarily follow along with whatever B.S. your conscious mind feeds it. 

If you don’t have a bank account equivalent to the Powerball jackpot and you’re telling yourself you do, then your subconscious is going to blow the cover on that ruse. That’s what it does. 

How does your subconscious mind affect the Law of Attraction?

Your conscious mind is good at saying what you want it to say. Your subconscious is good at contradicting. Your subconscious keeps you in tune with reality.

If you’re worried, deep down, you might be too selfish, you’ll have a dream where you’re homeless living on the street. It’ll make sure you get to see life from the other side.  

If you’re concerned you don’t appreciate the value of what you have, you’ll find yourself recording a dream where, in a house you used to live, you somehow overlooked a refrigerator worth $319,000. Your subconscious is making sure you take note of your blessings. Food chilled enough to retard the growth of bacteria is a blessing very easy to take for granted.  

Your subconscious will doubt. It’s no fool. If the LOA hasn’t worked for you, that could be the reason. If you’re not a dream journaler, I’ll bet you didn’t even know it. 

I’m going to bargain with that subconscious. We all need it to go along with the program where you dream that you’re meeting the partner of your dreams or getting that huge payday. That could be the secret. 

If I manage to do that, after I win a couple of lottery jackpots, I’ll be sure to write that how-to book. If you manage, send me your success stories so I’ll have plenty of examples. We should always take an “attitude of gratitude” and spread the know-how.

Do the dreams you’ve recorded in your dream journal show your subconscious has undermined the Law of Attraction for you or not? Be sure to comment below. 


James Cobb, RN, MSN is an emergency department nurse and the founder of the Dream Recovery System. He’s read a couple of books on the Law of Attraction, visited the board dedicated to it on Reddit, and tried the steps for a couple of years. He wasn’t impressed with the results.

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