Why You Should Sometimes Write Your Dream on a Notecard

What happens if you’re going to be away from home, and you don’t want to risk losing your journal or worry about leaving it behind?

Consider writing your dream down on a notecard. It’s highly portable. Smaller than a journal, a notecard or a small pack of them take up less room when traveling.

A notecard dream journal can be handy in other cases, too.

What happens if you’ve misplaced your journal? What happens if you live with someone nosy who you worry will read your diary? What happens if you think someone has taken it?

What happens is that dream journaling becomes less fun.

Using a card instead of a journal can make it fun again.

Notecards can be the cornerstone of an excellent system for someone who doesn’t want to make a big deal out of their dream journaling. The notecard is unobtrusive. After you write that night’s dream, you can quickly file it in a small or large box. The notecard format also lends itself to dream categorization.

If the dream is significant enough, you can rewrite it (or redraw it) when you return home in your regular journal.

If you’re one of those dream journalers who tends to write in the middle of the night, chances are you don’t record your dreams in the neatest handwriting at first. Those cards can be discarded and quickly rewritten.

Be sure to write the date on the top of the card. This is important. Floating among your things loosely, the dream might lose context in the future if the time is unknown.

Vendors sell all kinds of dream journals. Some are bound in brown or colored leather. Others have pretty pictures of unicorns, clouds, or some other dreamy image.

Decorative dream journals abound.

Some have thick paper. Some have a thinner bond.

Some dream journalers opt for a plain spiral notebook. Some are larger. Others are small.

Any kind of dream journal is okay to use. The important thing is whether you use it and that you be sure to set yourself up for success with the Dream Recovery System.

Handmade Leather Journals

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