How To Understand Dreaming Of Someone Before You Met Them

For most of us, dreaming of someone before we meet them doesn’t happen to us every day.

When it happens, what does it mean?

Why are you dreaming of this person? Why don’t you dream of everyone you meet before you meet them?

What’s going on?

Do souls meet in dreams?

There are people with prodigious psychic gifts. Things like this happen to them all of the time. For most of us, this is a rare event, if it even happens at all.

This kind of gift can happen regularly in a season of your life, or it can be a one-off.

Either way, it has a way of getting your attention.

You could consider it as a gift from your spirit guide—or you could consider it as a spiritual attempt to have you make a huge mistake.

The importance of discernment

Reflecting on your relationship with God is always helpful, especially now at a time like this. Have you been praying recently, having an ongoing conversation? That’s good if you have, and this might be the fruit of that relationship.

You might come up with the answer, “Well, I haven’t completely ignored God, but our relationship could be better.”

If that’s the case, then it’s time to have an honest conversation with God. The best way is to simply talk to Him like he’s a good, loving Father who wants the best for you. You can use your own words or words others have come up with, and it’s that simple. Trust. Have faith.

Good conversations are never one-sided. Be sure to be silent after you’re done talking and listen.

If you feel estranged from God, this feeling that you met this person before you met them may not be a gift. It might be a dream encouraging you to pay the wrong kind of attention to them.

Understanding a dream like this requires discernment, and good discernment requires solitude, prayer, and trust in God.

It’s impossible to give a blanket answer that would be accurate to everyone. A psychic dream can be a gift. It can also be a curse. One should take them seriously, especially when it’s unusual for you.

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