What Does It Mean When You Brush Your Teeth In a Dream?

Brushing your teeth in a dream can mean several different things. You’ll have to intuitively seek out the correct meaning for you. Below are some ideas to help you get started.

First, you could be brushing your teeth in a dream because your mind is reviewing the day’s events. If that’s the case, it’s a slice of life, a dream without any or few symbols. For most people, these daily reviews are a byproduct of your brain’s attempt to lock in memories. People forget about these reviews when they happen; dream memories blend into the memory of the actual event. Often they happen at the beginning of the night.

Another possibility is that the dream is the result of your subconscious expressing a health concern, often related to dental health. Perhaps your subconscious is sensing a dental problem impending, one that may be helped by you taking better care of your teeth and mouth. If you think that might be the case, do so. Consider a dental checkup with a dental hygienist or dentist if it has been a while.

Sometimes brushing your teeth in a dream is a call to clean up after doing something dirty with your mouth. Maybe speaking obscenely, maybe watching your words, something like that.

Reflect on teeth brushing

Ask yourself how you feel about brushing your teeth. While you might simply be reviewing the events of the day, you may have some anxiety related to dental health.

Some parents and children get into arguments about dental hygiene. The parent is insisting the child brush their teeth. The child doesn’t want to for one reason or another. This can come out in dreams years later. Getting to the root of your feelings about the matter can help you understand the true meaning of this dream.

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