What Does a Dream About a Video Game Mean?

Man playing video game.

Success at video games often calls for strategy.

Strategy is often an underappreciated benefit of dream journaling.

Many artists over the years have taken inspiration from their dreams. They’ve found a way to express themselves within their dreams. Their dreamlens provides a focus for the emotions and experiences within them.

Less appreciated, however, is the planning dream or strategy dream.

The product of such dreams is less visible than art.

The result of the dream is a plan, an idea for how to proceed. Rather than a famous song like “Yesterday” or a painting like Salvador Dali’s “Melting Clocks,” you’ve got something more abstract.

Plans exist as a file on a computer, a couple of lines on paper, or a “general idea.”

Planning, coming up with a strategy to face a question in life, is another type of problem-solving.

Why do you play the video game?

And what video game did you play in the dream?

Most dreams about video games will start with games that are available.

Another category of dreams about video games will be about ideas for video games that don’t exist (yet).

We’ll cover those later in this article.

There’s got to be some reason why you chose to dream about the video game you did in the dream.

Two possible reasons might be that you’re focused on solving a problem within the dream; another is that your mind is seeking to use the video game as an analogy to face a problem that you face within your life or that you might someday face.

I’ve never had to take a bunch of small arms and rescue someone being held by robots, but I’ve had to do it in dreams that bore a lot of similarity to the old arcade game Berserk! That was a kind of celebratory dream in that my obstacles were automatic, brainless, and easy to defeat.

When my subconscious chose to illustrate my feelings with the primitive graphics of Berserk rather than, say, Call of Duty or something else like that, it was part of the statement.

There are a lot of video games, both obscure and hugely popular that you could potentially dream of.

Whether you’re approaching the video game as an outlet for recreation, training, learning, or for another purpose, when a video game appears in a dream, it’s usually related to coming up with a strategy in some way.

What does that particular game mean to you?

If your dream was of a video game that doesn’t exist…

It’s probably one of two things.

A metaphor—the dream illustrates a problem in your life or an observation.

Uncovering exactly what the problem or observation requires going through the steps of dream interpretation.

Problem-solving—Your mind is creating. It’s putting together an idea of what it thinks would make a good game, having fun.

All the better if you can create it.


James Cobb, RN, MSN, is an emergency department nurse and the founder of the Dream Recovery System. His goal is to provide his readers with simple, actionable ways to improve their health and maximize their quality of life. 


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