Map Of the Most Common Dream In Every Country

In this map from Reddit, lots of people in countries in the English-speaking world dream about their teeth falling out.

In the rest, dreams about snakes are common.

Pregnancy, too.

For some countries, you’ve just got to wonder: what is it about a country that makes a dream subject so common?

Undoubtedly, it’s having certain life experiences.

Big question

It begs the question: what are those experiences?

In Namibia, it’s squirrels.

In Ethiopia, it’s shoes.

In Greece, it’s a hat.

In Fiji, it’s peacocks.

In Qatar, it’s the sea.

The people who made the map looked at Ahrefs to see what searches for dream information were the most common. No surveying involved, though there’s still flaws with the methodology.

The main flaw is this: you’re not going to find the answer to your dream question online. Rather, it’s within you. Everyone has a different perspective and feeling about the symbols.


James Cobb, RN, MSN is the founder of the Dream Recovery System, the most fearless site on the internet for information about improving your sleep and dream journaling.


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