Can One Uncomfortable Night Stop You From Dreaming?

Q: As of last week, I used to dream every night, sometimes having several dreams in the night. Last week I spent a night in a terrible hotel. The bed was lumpy and the room was noisy. I also got sick from dinner. Since then, I’ve stopped dreaming. I don’t remember any dreams when I wake up. I have nothing to write in my dream diary. Just wondering.–A.G.

In many ways, dreams can tip us off as to what’s going on in our bodies. They can serve a similar role to that of a warning panel on a car. You should be having them regularly, especially if you were before this night.

There could be a lot of reasons that you’ve stopped dreaming. You might have not fully caught up on your sleep. Getting sick might have thrown off a balance of vitamins and nutrients in your body.

The poor night of sleep could also be coincidental.

Gradually, your ability to dream when you sleep should return, especially if you’re making sure to give yourself enough time to sleep.

If things don’t improve after a week, schedule a checkup with a doctor.

Good job on staying aware of how well your body does/doesn’t function.

Q: I have a roommate who snores so loudly that I can hear him through the wall. I put in some earplugs and it doesn’t bother me. Should I tell him? I don’t know if he knows.–M.L.

Yes, you should talk to him. The solution might turn out to be relatively simple, like taping the nasal passages open or some exercises.

Snoring can ruin relationships. It can stop someone from getting enough oxygen when they sleep.

Bottom line: it’s not normal. Letting him know, especially since you can hear him through the walls of your home is doing him a favor. Then he’ll be able to do something to help himself.

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