Why Make Drawings of Dreams

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say.

And they’re right, though 1,000 words is approximate. It very well might be much more.

Drawings show. Words tell. Sometimes it’s easier, quicker, and clearer to show than tell.

Make drawings of your dreams

Do it even if you think you don’t draw well, even if you hate your sketches.

The man on the top is thinking of getting in the cocoon hanging many stories up on the tall building. It’s dangerous, but he’ll someday turn into a butterfly…or a moth and fly to glorious safety. That is, unless the cocoon falls and crashes to the street below.

You might be a perfectionist who sees something one way in his mind. On paper, you think, it doesn’t look anything like that.

You might be inclined to render too much detail in a drawing forgetting that your dream journal is primarily for you. Just make a sketch: a quick one.

Making drawings of dreams is for everyone when it’s easier, quicker, and clearer than words.


1. Making a sketch can preserve visual aspects of dreams like nothing else.

Months later images can fade for a lot of dreams. If you rely on a lot of confusing text to describe your dream, the dream will be as good as lost to the unclarity. You have dreams every time you go to sleep and memories of those dreams fade.

2. Sketching can save time.

The best thing usually is to use words and pictures, sometimes diagrams.

3. Your drawings probably look cool even if you suck

Yes, they do. They break up the text. They show your mood. They’re easier to interpret for everyone, especially for you months later. You don’t have to be a Salvador Dali.

How to draw anything

If you’re insecure in your abilities to render anything on a piece of paper, it’s easy to watch some videos and review how shapes come together to make a picture. There are classes available on YouTube or one of the online learning platforms.

You can do an online search, you can take free lessons, or you can pay.

Or simply try. That’s it. Just try.

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