If You Remember Your Dreams, You Don’t Need Drugs

One common reason people take narcotics and hallucinogens is to “relax” and “chill out.” They want to take the edge off of the hardness of life.

The dangers and disadvantages of those often-illegal drugs are well known. Who hasn’t heard of overdoses, the lost families, the problems that they cause?

Why in Hell would anyone want to risk taking them? Even once?

It’s a risk, of course. Nevertheless, risk that it is, users feel it’s worth it. They’ll be careful, they tell themselves.

Careful: what does that even mean? Don’t other people tell themselves that? Are they careful? If they were, narcotics and hallucinogens would have a better name.

It turns out that you don’t need to take the risk that you won’t manage yourself on the drugs. You don’t need them at all if you remember your dreams.

In your dreams…

When you go to sleep, you can tell yourself to be free. Relax. Hang in there. You’re fully justified to lay around for nine hours under normal circumstances if you want.

In your dreams the conventions of normal life don’t apply. Things that would never happen in the waking world can and do happen when you’re asleep.

Life can be beautiful in your dreams if you stop worrying about things you can’t control. You’ve got no business paying attention to that stuff anyway.

Remember your dreams, too. That’s how you fully appreciate the experience that they can be. They’re a fantasy and fantasies have beauty.

When you feel an urge to use…

If you do use drugs, get help. Remember to tell yourself “I don’t need drugs, I’ve got my dreams.”

“I don’t need drugs, I’ve got dreams.”

“I don’t need those drugs, I’ve got these dreams…”

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