How a Piece Of Tape Can Help You Remember Your Dreams

A light pen with a piece of tape on the end to dim the light.

Does the shock of the bright light emitting from your light pen in the middle of the night make you want to give up dream journaling?

Try this simple light-up pen modification.

Seeing any kind of light in a darkened room in the middle of the night can be uncomfortable. With your pupils fully dilated after you wake from sleeping, the light pen can seem more like a torture device than a writing utensil.

Yet you’re probably going to need some light. Without any, what you’re going to write will end up being unreadable. You might even completely miss the page. That won’t do you any good.

When it comes to misery from the bright light, it’s more the reflection than the light.

If the light bothers you, try putting a piece of tape at the end of the lighted pen. That might cut the glare just enough so it stops being a deterrent to journaling.

Different types of tape can be used as an eye shield.

Clear, cellophane tape would dim the light comparatively little. Masking tape — especially two pieces stuck together — would dim it a lot, perhaps making it so that only a bit of light would come out the end.

Many people probably wish they could put tape on many outdoor lights that dim the stars causing a problem that’s known as light pollution.

You can also try tinted tape as well. Red cellophane tape would be ideal.

Another thing to try is looking at the page and light only out of the corner of your eye. If you can match your pen to where you need to write, you’re at least set up for success when it comes to using your dream journal.

With a little modification, the lighted pen can help you journal your dreams with more comfort for your eyes than they ever had before.

Lighted pens are available many places including all the big online stores.


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