Dream Journaling Is the Least Expensive Hobby You Can Pursue

No hobby’s cheaper to explore and have than dream journaling.

Dream journaling is the champion when it comes to that and the potential to make and save you money, and it’s not even close.

You can find a pen or pencil and a free notebook somewhere. Get that, and that’s all you need to begin journaling your dreams.

That makes the cost to begin $0.00.

Are there any other hobbies that are free to start?

Perhaps, but there’s undoubtedly not many.

You sleep; you have dreams.

Dreams are, of course, free. 

Now, add in the potential boost to your creativity regarding inventions and other creative works. 

Then add in the fact that once you wake up, it’s only minutes to journal a dream. 

The upside is immense.

Hobby lists

Many lists online give ideas for inexpensive hobbies like this one, that one, another one, and still another one

All those lists detail many hobbies one can pursue online. 

While playing free games online, finding cat videos to watch, and listening to podcasts are inexpensive, they’re still not going to be as cheap as dream journaling. You’ll need a computer or a device of some kind and internet access. 

People have been recording their dreams for thousands of years.

Especially when compared to watching funny cat videos, dream journaling is a far more valuable use of time.

That being said, having Internet access can improve your ability to do things. Dream journaling is no exception. 

With Internet access, you’ll be able to read back articles on this blog. Doing so might help your ability to remember and record your dreams. It’s not essential, however. 

Rock and leaf collecting are inexpensive hobbies, too, though you might find yourself wanting and needing to travel to find new and different rocks and leaves to collect.

Some of the other ideas for hobbies listed above are anything but inexpensive.

Being a landlord, for example.

Your tenant will pay you (or, perhaps, it’s more accurate to say they should pay you). You still need to buy a house or apartment or fix it up.

While you can come out ahead, it’s anything but an inexpensive hobby.

For Further Reading:

Writing down your dreams helps you grow and move on.

Catagorize your dreams to see the seasons of your life.

Encode your dreams if you must.

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