This Is the Simple Truth About Using Your Phone As a Dream Journal

Everyone is wedded to their phone until planned obsolescence happens or it gets destroyed somehow. The phone is how they communicate with their friends, family, and jobs. It’s their calendar, their organizer, and how they partake in whatever interests them. Further, there’s an eternity of apps available, from fitness to games to anything you can name. It’s a true multipurpose tool.

There are even apps for journaling your dreams. The names include World Within Lucid Dreaming App; Lucidity, Dreambook, and Awoken.

There are already a number of apps on your smartphone; it might seem natural to add one for dream journaling too.

You can also write notes to yourself about your dreams on your phone using an app like Keep on an Android phone. Apple phones have Keep available too. There are also other notetaking apps like Evernote, Bear, Simplenote, and OneNote.

You might find it easy to remember to keep your phone by your bedside. Indeed, you probably already have the habit because the phone is with you constantly. A pen and some paper or journal to write your dream down? Not so much.

Yet everyone can develop habits. You may find it worthwhile to do so when keeping a dream journal.

Notetaking app problems

In general, the apps come with their problems when it comes to dream journaling. Due to its flexibility, any old notebook works far better than a phone. You can draw in a notebook and use a simple written dream-recording format. Or not. Your choice.

If it’s of a convenient size, you can also keep the notebook or journal with you all day to jot down any ideas that come up, though those ideas can quickly be jotted down in a phone for many people.

First of all, if you have your phone set to autocorrect, the feature may change what you have written in the middle of the night. There’s a chance you won’t be perceptive enough to pick up the change, having just woken up. There may be a good chance your entry doesn’t make any sense.

Secondly, if there’s a visual component to your dream, you won’t be able to draw it out as you would if you had used a notebook. This may be a dealbreaker for you if you’re a visual person.

Dream journal/ notetaking app benefits

However, one good thing about using a dream journal app is that your text will be typed out, and you won’t be struggling to read your handwriting.

Another positive about using a dream journal or notetaking app is that entries may come with a timestamp that could be useful, although usually it won’t be relevant.

Modern phones also have a low-light setting. If you’re planning to use your phone as a dream journal, use this setting so that the light isn’t hard on your eyes and blue light doesn’t affect you.

If you adjust for these things, you won’t be writing at a random spot on the page as you would with a notebook.

You also may keep your phone password protected. If privacy is a concern, this feature would be a benefit. You can, however, write your dreams down in some secret code.

Whether you decide to keep your green journal on a phone or in a notebook is a personal decision, and each option comes with positives and negatives. Ultimately, the important thing is to write your dreams down so you can analyze and interpret them to understand yourself better.

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