Don’t Pay For Dream Interpretation

The space is full of slick-talking swindlers.

Don’t bother.

They can’t really help you anyway.

Only you can know what the symbols mean; Only you have had the experiences.

When you’re stressed out, under pressure, and have had a compelling dream it’s understandable why your first impulse might be to get it professionally interpreted.

“How do I know I got it right?”

“It’s confusing.”

“It scared me. Will the nightmare come true?”

Those feelings and statements might all be true in your case. Be that as it may, don’t pay anyone to interpret your dreams.

It’s not worth using a dream dictionary or a dictionarylike website either.

For the best results, for the only worthwhile results, you’re going to need to do the work yourself, as daunting as that may seem. Symbols mean different things to different people. Everyone has different life experiences. Whether or not they call themselves a professional dream interpreter, they’re simply not going to understand the significance of the symbol. the symbol, after all, came out of your dream, your brain.

Interpret your own dreams

Write the dream down. For best results, use the SOM framework.

When it comes to the last part of the mnemonic, you might be struggling with the meaning. Write your best guess in your dream journal. Feel free to circle it and to draw a question mark next to it.

Do you still have your doubts?

Look at it this way: you very well might misinterpret your dream for one reason or another. You still have a better chance of getting it right than anyone else does.

Go through the process. Just by following it, you’re more likely to understand it as you do the work.

You can always ask your subconscious for a clarifying dream. If you feel uncomfortable asking yourself for a clarifying dream, just think of it as setting the intention to have one.

And you do that by asking yourself to have a clarifying dream

How someone else can help

Someone can guide you through the process. They can give you the benefit of their experience and knowledge.

Look up the kind of dream it is on this website. For example, is it a sex dream? Is it a slice-of-life? Is it about someone?

That’s not the same as interpreting it for you. Stick with it. It can take months or years until you feel confident about the meaning.

Dream interpretation is like so many other things in life: the more you do, the better you get at it.

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