What Do Donuts Mean In a Dream?

closeup of a box of donuts

What does it mean if there’s one donut or many donuts in the dream?

What do different types of donuts mean?

What if there aren’t different types of donuts in the dream, what if there’s only one type in your dream, say glazed?

Understanding what the donuts in your dream mean starts with asking yourself, “When I think of donuts, what am I thinking of?”

Dreams about donuts don’t always relate to your diet

Though often they do.

Whether you spell them doughnuts or donuts, they’re a no-no on most diets. That holds true whether you’re trying to watch your weight or watching what you eat for other health reasons.

If you follow a system like Weight Watchers, eating a single donut, sorry to say, will pretty much blow your points budget for the day.

If you’re going keto or low carb, forget it. Between flour and sugar, any donut has too many carbohydrates. Science and cooking know-how cannot add enough fiber to the batter to make the net carbs equal out and make it okay for your diet.

If you’re following one of those popular diets, you could be intensely craving a donut.

They just aren’t compatible with a goal to shed weight.

Other possible meanings of donut dreams

Donuts are a symbol of indulgence. They’re a popular choice for special occasions and celebrations, or meetings. Donuts are tasty and versatile with endless variations of flavors, shapes, and toppings. From jelly-filled to cinnamon-covered to classic glazed, there are countless types of donuts to enjoy. Donuts create a sense of joy and indulgence, which is why they are often seen as a symbol of happiness and celebration.

When trying to understand the meaning of the donuts in your dream, consider the significance along those lines.

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