What Do You Need To Ask When You Dream About a Fast Food Restaurant?

Many different kinds of restaurants serve fast food: burger places, pizza places, chicken sandwich places and so on. All of them mean other things to different people.

For some, a fast-food restaurant is their favorite place for a quick meal.

For others, it’s a lively place to get together with their friends or family.

Then there are others for whom a particular restaurant represents frustration. They waited a long time, and then, when their meal arrived, the burgers and fries were cold.

Or, maybe, it’s frustrating because it’s the only place they feel like they can go out to and afford to eat.

The meaning is highly individual. Only you can know what the fast-food restaurant in your dream represented. Uncover the purpose by asking yourself how you felt about the place. We’ll help as best we can by asking some questions to help you pin the meaning down.

How did you feel about the restaurant? About the food?

In the dream, were you overwhelmed by the menu choices? Was it a place to get together with family and friends? Were you excited about some new menu items?

Did anything odd happen in the restaurant?

Any thoughts about the interrelation between the odd thing and the restaurant? What do you think triggered the thought of the bizarre thing?

Were you the worker or the customer?

What was your role in the dream, or were you only watching events unfold? How did you feel about your role in the restaurant in your dream?

Thinking about the different elements might help you understand if there was a deeper meaning or idea being mulled by your subconscious—or whether it was you getting the munchies in the middle of the night and thinking about how a burger or slice of pizza might have been right then.

Final steps to understanding your fast food dream

If other elements are present in the dream, try to remember them. Bring forth as many details as you can with the PACTREPS memory aid.

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