So You Had a Stupid Dream? What To Do Now.

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I’ve had them; every dreamer has.

Dogs were wearing boxing trunks walking around on hind legs in one dream.

Someone was wearing a hat with everything he needed tied on a string in another. The objects flopped around, getting in his way, hindering him from doing his job.

You might call them stupid dreams or weird dreams when awakening.

The dream might be weird when you compare it to daily life. Weird doesn’t necessarily mean stupid.

Superficial impressions

The power and significance of dreaming have been underestimated widely in modern times.

Stupid/weird dreams are common. If they’re even remembered, dreams can seem trivial to the uninitiated.

The dreamers often don’t look past what seems to be a rehash of events from the past day, maybe with a couple of twists added. Other dreams seem like nothing more than a collection of weird objects, people, and events.

Seen through the eyes of practicality, nobody is going to tie everything they need to their hat and have it flap about hitting them in the face every time they move. Don’t even think of it as an “idea” for an invention.

While we’re debunking it, dogs never fight wearing boxing trunks while standing on their hind legs.

Even those who might allow that dreams can be significant can come to believe that some of their dreams are stupid.

What do you do about these? How can you stop having stupid dreams?

Science says you need to dream, but is there a way to have intelligent dreams instead?

Ha! Maybe you’re underestimating them and their value.

Are they really stupid dreams?

It’s a matter of quick-trigger first impressions. While you can’t avoid first impressions, there’s often more than what meets the eye.

Stupid people face-to-face?

When I met Jeff, he looked unkempt. He seemed like he didn’t want to be at work, like he was distracted, maybe even dull.

I was amazed later when I realized he knew what he was doing, that he was funny, and knew how to handle the pressure of being a physician in an emergency department. He was a high-quality individual.

You might give the benefit of the doubt to someone with the title “doctor” before their name. You shouldn’t necessarily. A photographic memory, for one thing, can take you far in school. Being able to memorize mass quantities of information doesn’t qualify as intelligence.

He made a poor first impression. What was unspoken was that when I first met him, was that Jeff had a pounding headache. He didn’t mention it; he tried to work through it. Plus, he wasn’t a morning person. The doctor needed coffee.

My first impression of him was off by a mile.

The difference between what happens when a person and a dream makes a bad first impression is that if you’re still relating to the person, the person can do something that causes you to change your mind. The dream can’t. You chalk the dream up to being stupid, a stupid thought, something like that.

That’s a mistake.

What you think is a stupid dream carries some insight into your life, but you don’t realize it because you didn’t look past the surface.

There’s always a reason why you dreamed about what you did. It’s in your best interest to discover why. Your stupid dream may not really be so stupid after all.

“Stupid” dreams

Stupid dreams can seem silly in many different ways, and here are just a few.

A recitation of word endings that rhyme.

Bed, red, shed, Fred, dead, gled, red, shed. Head?

A feature where people do nothing more than laugh uproariously.

A weird situation, where the characters in the dream don’t act anything as they’d act in real life.

They can be something more akin to a drug trip than any respectable dream.

Part of getting all of the benefits you can from your dreams and your dream journal is not to dismiss these seemingly nonsensical dreams. There’s always a reason why your subconscious chose to dream what you did unless you’ve interfered with the process by trying to have a lucid dream.

Use the SOM charting method to consider each aspect of the stupid dream. Unlike a human who has been misassessed, a dream can’t go back and ask you to change your mind about what you think about it. It’s up to you to get it right.

After the dream is over and you’re awake, figure out what the dream was saying. Don’t dismiss the dream automatically just because it seems weird or stupid. Take it through the whole process. You might be surprised about the hidden meaning and what your subconscious has been ruminating about.

The dream of dogs in boxing trunks was a reaction to their efforts to provide security in my backyard at the time. My subconscious classed them as hand-to-hand fighters and not someone who was armed; their effectiveness was limited.

The man with everything hanging off of his hat was an exaggerated commentary on someone so intent on being efficient that the items he was being efficient with were getting in his way. His efforts were preventing his efficiency.

There’s a reason why you dreamed about what you did. Something is on your mind. Figure it out.

You may find that you never have stupid dreams.

Always remember: your stupid dream may not be stupid after all.

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