What Does Driftwood Mean In a Dream?

Driftwood on a shore.

However it shows up, driftwood is an interesting object to see in a dream. 

The meaning doesn’t really vary much. It depends on whether the driftwood refers to you (the dreamer) or to someone else. Unlike a lot of other objects, the meaning you of driftwood in a dream stays remarkably consistent. 

Wood is what homes are often built out of. While wood can refer to a lot of other different meanings in a dream, driftwood is wood that floats randomly and unpredictably down the stream. 

A tree or a branch becomes driftwood after it’s uprooted during a storm or from some other event. A tree or branch doesn’t become driftwood of its own accord. Circumstances forced the driftwood to wander from the place of its birth. Now whether this journey is a good thing or bad, well, that depends on your feelings toward the journey. That’s for you to decide.

If the piece of wood refers to you…

If the driftwood refers to you in the dream, that is to say, you identify with the driftwood you see in your dream, you’re feeling rootless. You could feel like you don’t really belong anywhere like you’re floating along waiting to set up in a new place to live.

If the driftwood isn’t floating, maybe you feel like you’ve landed on a new shore?

If it refers to someone else…

If the driftwood seems to represent someone else, or some other group of people, then you’re thinking of those other people as being rootless, like vagabonds moving around. 

Whether this is a positive or negative association depends on how you feel about the driftwood in your dream. Real-life driftwood, after all, can be used to make art, repurposed into all kinds of things. And so can this feeling about your life. Feeling rootless, like you’re wandering from place to place, can come to feel like something positive.  You’ve got a certain freedom, it’s true, though admittedly that freedom can feel tiresome and you can yearn to settle down.

This begs the question: how do you feel about the rootlessness that’s denoted in the dream? That’s something no guy writing on the Internet can tell you.

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