What Does the Concert In Your Dream Mean?

Whether you were playing in the band or you were in the audience, what does the concert in your dream mean?

Only you can know the answer. We’ll help you discern it.

Basic dream concert questions?

How did you feel about the band or group playing? How did you feel about the music? Was it memorable?

Did you know the band or was it some generic group?

What was the reaction of the audience? How do you feel about that?

Was there anything different or strange about the audience? If so, what was it, and how do you feel about it?

Was there anything special about the stage or the venue? How about the lighting and the rest?

What did you think about the music in the dream?

Was there anything else notable about the concert? The merchandise? The snack bar? The security? Ticket prices?

As always, consider the dream using the SOM framework.

Why you should go through the steps

It’s well worth the effort to try to understand your concert dream. Music can be laden with meaning on several levels.

People favor certain kinds of symbols in their dreams. I’ve had many dreams about concerts, musicians, and featuring music.

One of the first dreams I remember from when I was 12 was about the band Kiss. This was in the nights leading up to when I’d go to my first rock concert which was a Kiss/Cheap Trick double bill. The members of Kiss pulled up in a van when I was at a Seven-Eleven near my house. I got in, and we headed over to the Tucson Community Center, the arena where they were playing.

The key to the dream was my realization that they got to travel from town to town doing concerts. I didn’t. I was stuck in my hometown. The ability to travel, to go to different countries has always meant a lot to me. Understanding this dream was key to understanding this part of myself.

Taking the time to understand your concert dream can tell you a lot about yourself and the world.


James Cobb, RN, MSN, is the founder of the Dream Recovery System, a weekly blog dedicated promoting sleep hygiene, dream journaling and interpretation.

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