Put a Series of Dreams Together to Understand What’s Going On

Dreams can scatter through a series of nights like breadcrumb clues left along a trail. Put together, and understood as a whole, they can offer you understanding about yourself and how you relate to the world around you. They offer a path to enlightenment about your state in life.

Superficially considered, the dreams don’t necessarily relate to each other. One dream, say, might be about some birds. Another dream might be about swimming at a beach. The themes of the dreams, however, are related. And there’s a lesson for you in how your subconscious expresses the dream. 

Remember this: You could have dreamed about anything. You didn’t. You dreamed about that. There’s a reason why you dreamed about what you did.

If you can put all the dreams together, you can understand something about yourself, your past, or your environment.

Is it important?

If it was important enough to dream about, it probably is.

How do you put the dreams together?

Every so often (I do this about once a week) I go back over my dream journal. I’ll see that some dreams are one-offs. They don’t relate to others.

Others aren’t. They do. They form a season.

Some seasons are short, maybe three nights. Others are longer. 

There’s no reason why a season couldn’t stretch on for weeks.

Common topics for seasons are relationships with other people, decisions you have to make, and careers. Those aren’t the only possible topics, however.

For me, I’ll have a few one-off dreams in a month, and then two or three seasons. Last month, dreams coalesced around career decisions and what to keep and what to discard from my garage.

They say life is a kind of journey. Seeing the relationship between your subconscious thoughts allows you to see where you are on the journey, as if you’re looking at a map.

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