Can Blue Light, An Unseen Enemy To Vision And Skin, Be Completely Avoided?

EyeJust screen protectors

Maybe you have very bad vision and are worried about it getting worse.

Maybe you’re involved in optics for some reason

If not, a concern about the effects of blue light (also known as High Energy Visible or HEV light) on the eyes and skin may seem offbeat. Even overblown.

Nobody can see blue light. Its effects are only visible over time. 

Nevertheless, the effects are visible and experience shapes people. 


EyeJust founder Gigi Mortimer was a fashion accessory designer based in New York. She worked for labels such as Ralph Lauren and Tori Burch. Her son would use his smartphone and other electronics for hours at a time before bedtime.  

“It seemed to affect his ability to sleep. I became concerned,” she said. 

One thing led to another. She found that only did blue light affect someone’s sleeping ability, but it also led to skin hyperpigmentation, and sped up macular degeneration 

She used her knowledge of fashion accessories, the industry, and what she found out about blue light to design a screen protector for the I-phone and I-pad. 

She and her partners funded the production, distribution, and marketing of the EyeJust screen protector. It can help others, she believes. Mortimer, along with associates Emily Payne and Leslie Stevens, attended the National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Show in Houston in March.   

“We all rely on our devices,” Mortimer said. They’re not easy to give up. “We spend hours on them every day.” 

While many smartphones and devices can decrease brightness before bedtime, the EyeJust screen protector is antimicrobial. It also offers a scratch-proof, tempered glass cover. It’s resistant to the skin oils found on fingers.  

Beyond protecting the screen, it helps someone avoid macular degenerationhyperpigmentationeye straininsomnia, and damage to the skin tissues. 

To best maximize its protective benefits, the EyeJust website recommends the user turn down the brightness of the screen and enable apps or processes that shift to a darker screen.  

There are competing products such as blue-light-blocking glasses. While they block blue light, they don’t offer protection for the skin.   

EyeJust is available for the iPad, iPhone, laptops and Nintendos. 

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