Move That Mattress On The Floor Already!

Admit it. It doesn’t seem right to put your mattress on the floor.

It’s dirty down there and hard to keep clean. There might be bugs. You might have all kinds of ideas about conditions on the floor.

But there’s even more complications than those. There’s the problem of moving the cumbersome thing. You might have to ask for some help from someone to manage it.

Second, it doesn’t seem right to sleep on the floor. It’s like someone from a strange place would do. You’re not used to the idea.

Third, it really doesn’t seem right. It’s like you’re trying to be a kid at a sleepover again only it’s the night before you have to go to work and you’re not having that much fun.

On the other hand, it’s comfortable. Maybe the seemingly crazy people from other cultures and the kids know a thing or two.

Nothing gives better and firmer back support than the floor. There might be a sag in the mattress you were planning to use. One of those springs might be compressed out of all recognition. I’d be willing to bet the feel is going to improve a lot.

Having a sag in the bed—especially in the middle—is a good way to make your back hurt. The ligaments holding your spine together slowly, slowly, slowly get stretched. You’ll find yourself hurting all throughout the rest of the next day.

When there’s a sag right in the middle of the bed, it can be tricky to avoid it. You’ll probably end up contorting yourself in a strange position to try to do so. Doing that is a good way to end up with back pain as well. People generally do best aligned more or less straightly on their backs or on their sides. Curved like a “C” or a “U” not so much.

Get over it. Move the box spring and the frame out of the way. Vacuum up all the dirt, hair, and garbage that has fallen on the rug. Throw the big mattress on the grounds and get on your hands and knees and make up the bed. You’ll be happier you did than if you tried to spend another night on that broken-down frame.

You don’t know how good it’ll feel to get rid of that back pain until you actually get rid of it.

Here are a few tips to make sleeping on the floor the best experience possible.

For many people their experience with deciding whether or not to make their bed on the floor with come about due to travel. They’ll be in a bed that’s not their own, have to get some sleep, and become conflicted about whether it’s better to give up and go to sleep on the floor.

Become The Alpha Male

Get a big bowl for your stuff

If you’re the kind of person who has stuff they like to keep handy by their bedside, have a bowl available so you can put your stuff in there and keep it all together. When you’re up you can pick it all up together. A lot of stuff gets stuck in our pockets like change, rubber bands, keys, and folded up bits of paper. Before trying to sleep on the floor, anticipate this.

Realize it’s good for your fitness

Sleeping on the floor isn’t just for young people. It’s also for people who might be older but want to stay young. One study found people who had a harder time getting up from the floor were more likely to die in the next five years than people who could get up from the floor without using an arm or knee. Sleeping on the floor gives you plenty of opportunities to practice the Sit/Stand Test. It makes sense to have a positive attitude about it.

Then, when you make up your bed, you’ll get a mini-workout.

Put a little chair in your bedroom

Of course, you don’t want to get tired of getting up and down from the floor.

Just so you don’t, it can be a good idea to have a chair in your room. This will be handy for tying your shoes, rummaging through your bags, and putting the laundry on in order to put it away.

Of course, you still can put it on your bed but having a chair accessible is nice.

Above all, avoid the sofa sleeper.

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