I’ll Never Get to Sleep!

Defeating insomnia in your life starts with a positive mindset.

For some, getting a regular amount of sleep is the same as trying to make any other life improvement—a seemingly impossible feat!

With a little bit of commitment and dedication, it’s not impossible. Sure, it may take days, weeks, months, and even years of trying, but don’t give up!

Patience, flexibility and a little bit of stick-to-itiveness is what it takes. Realize that tiredness effect every aspect of life. Insomnia is a problem. Problems need to be solved. Maybe the lack of sleep has slowed your ability to solve problems. If that’s the case, be patient with yourself.

Maybe the problem is a quitter’s mindset. Without a mindset breakthrough, one is predisposed to give up on anything challenging easily.

Maybe there are enough challenges to getting rest in their life that conquering them would stymie even a super sleeper.

Maybe it’s a case of being a swan among geese, as per the old Hans Christian Andersen Ugly Duckling tale. Everyone’s body, for one reason or another, needs more or less sleep than you do. There have been many lines of questioning on the Reddit sleep message board that have written about how they get six hours of sleep, feel fine, and wonder how they can get to eight. (If that’s the case, can you stop comparing yourself to others and simply start listening to your body? The key is that they feel fine and don’t notice a decrease in performance. Listen and apply coaching, but do so in a way that’s judicious.)

There’s a lot of possible causes. The process of sleeping enough regularly can be complicated. Yet it starts with believing you can find a solution. Therefore, if you believe that it’s hopeless, change your self-talk. Doing so is a powerful step.

What you tell yourself about yourself can be so significant in so many different areas of life (making money, losing weight, finding a positive romantic relationship) that people make the mistake of thinking that changing it to positive, encouraging words is all you need to do. You’ll attract a solution to your problems.

There’s no evidence that’s all you’ll need to do, of course. It, however, is a huge step in the right direction.

Try constructing positive affirmations.

Changing your mindset gets you out of beating yourself up. It opens your eyes to what’s around you that’s available to help you in your difficulty, no matter what it is. It expands your idea of what is possible.

You can find a way. You can sleep. It all starts with a positive mindset.

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