Does Paying Attention To Your Dreams Make You a Mystic?

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Mysticism refers to ecstasy or an alternate state of consciousness that’s given spiritual meaning. 

It can also refer to attaining insight into hidden or ultimate truths.

If you have a dream with powerful spiritual insight, that qualifies as mysticism.

It’s the opposite of science which is supposed to be based on measurements, facts, studies, and coming up with a possible-to-change hypothesis. Science, evidence-based practice is an ideal, a method. In practice, people purporting to employ it fall short, just as others fall short of their ideals.

Both mystical and concrete knowledge can influence someone’s actions.

Is being a mystic bad?

After all, we’re supposed to know the good people by the fruit they produce, meaning the results of their actions. It says that in at least two spots in the New Testament, Luke 6: 43-45 and in Matthew 7 16-23. Results are material. Good thoughts don’t always produce good actions as, for example, good intent in doing something can backfire.

Some mystics are evil. When you think about it, this is to be expected as there is both evil and good in the spiritual realm. The fruit of their actions is terrible. Child molesting clerics produce adults who struggle to process the trauma they experienced as children. Some psychics have no psychic ability, and they produce empty bank accounts in the gullible whom they bilk. Profit-oriented ministers clamor for donations definitely not using the money they’ve been entrusted with for the glory of God.

There’s plenty of “bad fruit” to support an attitude of caution. These people give mysticism a bad name.

Of course, there are good mystics, too. People who wear that mystic label and do positive things. That, too, is to be expected. They are purported to be in touch with the divine. Why wouldn’t they have a positive influence on the world?

So enough about other people.

The question to ask is whether we want the mystic label for ourselves. Is it desirable to think of yourself as a mystic and have that bit of self-identification?

Or is it better to deny it?

There aren’t any easy answers to this question. Labels are constraining. They’re also subject to stereotypes. 

This world seems to be temporary, and there seems to be a lot we cannot see.

On the other hand, we are here to learn, grow, and develop. Doesn’t it make sense to embrace those lessons fully? 

Maybe the answer is to be at home in both worlds at once. In the daytime, your waking hours focus on the world and your impact. The nighttime, your sleeping hours, focus on the spiritual, the why.

Your dreams can function to reassure you. Make sure you know the lessons you’re supposed to know. Make you stronger and more resolute. They can guide you.

A mystic, above all, is aware of the intangible. They realize the impact that actions have on their inner essence. When they’ve had their fill of a certain experience, they’re able to move on.

There is nothing, however, that says they wouldn’t be listening to bad spirits rather than good spirits. Bad spirits are something real. Why would there be only good? Why wouldn’t the spirit world be populated by a wide variety of spirits the way the physical world is?

Being a mystic doesn’t make you immune from any action, whether evil or good. There are both kinds. You’re still capable of the seven deadly sins which can send anything you might do into the evil column. One needs to cleave to that which is good as intently as possible. Above all, the mystic is convinced of the existence of the unseen and the soul and that should impact his or her actions every day.

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James Cobb, RN, MSN, is an emergency department nurse and the founder of the Dream Recovery System. His goal is to provide his readers with simple, actionable ways to improve their health and maximize their quality of life. 


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