Why Are My Dreams Like Horror Movies?

Most horror movies are cliched. There’s at least one chase scene. Someone or something jumps out of the shadows and scares the hell out of someone, and it turns out to be nothing. The monster gets killed only to come back when the protagonists least expect it.

The list of cliches goes on and on.

Have your dreams been cliched but ostensibly scary lately? If you find that many of your dreams are like horror movies, your subconscious is working to put fears in context. It’s a season in life, a time to conquer fears. You recognize that there are some terrible things out there, things that can kill you, things that can make you hurt. Perhaps you’ve been traumatized in some way. You’re in the process of managing these fears. It’s time to face them.

People have a survival instinct. Deep down, you know you might be taken out by these things you’re afraid of and worry about. You’re not going to go down without a fight, however. Deep down, you know that fear and anxiety aren’t helpful.

These dreams usually feature being chased, things popping out of the shadows, fear, an inability to scream, and sometimes a feeling of being lost.

Your subconscious is putting you through the paces so that you don’t end up like a supporting character in a cheesy horror movie, figuratively or literally.

The creatures in your horror movie dream

Just like no horror movie is complete without scary creatures or a scary something, neither is a horror movie dream.

Most of the time, these creatures are in the shadows in the movies. That might not necessarily be the way it is in your dream. Try to understand what the creatures in these horror movie dreams are like, and what they might mean to you. Try to remember every single detail you can. Get the drop on them!

When you’ve processed dealing with these fears fully, the dreams should stop, and you’ll enter another season of life.

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