How To Understand the Computers In Your Dreams

Jung’s collective unconscious evolves and includes computers

Files not saving.  

Computers slow, delaying while updating. 


Bloodshot irises.

Internet worms. 

File not found errors. 

And that’s not to mention the endless e-mail. 

Our waking lives can be the stuff of nightmares when our computers fail or when we fail our computers. 

They’re the touchstone of our age, the Information Age.

The meaning of computers in dreams will depend on the dreamer’s feelings about computers.  

For some, the computer will be a tool they use to get a particular job done. 

For others, a computer represents a merciless oppressor who doesn’t do what they need to do. 

In these times, we use computers to accomplish various tasks, from shopping, learning, registering for government services, getting medical care, and even reading about what our dreams might mean. 

How did you feel about the computer or computers in your dream? 

The meaning of the computer (s) in your dream can be uncovered by understanding how the different objects and people in the dream interact with the computers. 

Was it odd or different from what one might do in real life?

 Was it a joyful, neutral or fearful presence?

How do you feel about computers in general? What do they mean to you? Are they a source of joy? A necessary evil? Or something else?

Computers and the collective unconscious

Carl Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious posits there are shared experiences among humans. These shared experiences give rise to archetypes and archetypical experiences.

According to Jung, dreams are a mixture of these events in the collective unconscious and individual experiences. The idea of the collective unconscious is what backs up the idea of dream dictionaries, though they’re not always particularly useful in getting to the true meaning of your dream. Personal experience brings forth too much variation. Dream dictionaries can be a springboard to greater understanding of your dream.

Since the 19th century, our storytellers have described civilizations where computers have been saviors, oppressors, friends, confidants, and other roles. There are a variety of roles, but there are also some definite themes. Just as evolution is a continual process, so is the shaping of the collective unconscious.

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James Cobb, RN, MSN, is an emergency department nurse and the founder of the Dream Recovery System. He aims to provide his readers with simple, actionable ways to improve their health and maximize their quality of life. 

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