How To Wring Out More Details From a Poorly Remembered Dream

Now, what was all that about?

You know you had a dream, but the memory is a haze.

Can you remember more of the dream?

You’re going to need at least a few more details if you’re going understand more about it.

Focus on the one thing you do remember

Is there just one detail you remember from the dream? There’s got to be something because you realize you had a dream.

If that one detail is a blur, try to bring the blur into sharper focus.

Now, picture the object you remember in your mind.

Then, as if your mind was a camera, pull back taking in more of the scene. Try to see the greater picture.

Continuing to imagine your mind’s eye as a camera, step inward. Pan the object you remember.

When you went to sleep the night before, you told yourself to remember your dreams. The picture is there somewhere.

Did you get more detail?

Did a few more objects or people come into focus?

Now, look at them panning toward them and away as you did with the first object.

If more objects come into view, do the same with them too.

Let the image you do have sit

Additional detail may or may not be forthcoming. Try relaxing with the image you do have in mind, but don’t try too hard. Frustration can be the enemy of dream recollection.

Tell yourself that you’ll have other dreams, other mornings.

You know there was more to it, but it’s okay if this one goes down incompletely.

However, if you did manage to use these suggestions to get more of your dream recalled, congratulations!

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James Cobb, RN, MSN, is an emergency department nurse and the founder of the Dream Recovery System. He aims to provide his readers with simple, actionable ways to improve their health and maximize their quality of life. 


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