What Does It Mean When You Have Vivid Dreams?

There are dreams, and then there are DREAMS!!

Some dreams are dim and poorly remembered; others are very vivid. 

When a dream is vivid, it feels like it’s happening in real-time. 

While events in the dream aren’t always realistic, vividness makes them feel very real. When they feel real, it can be unsettling.

Where do vivid dreams come from?

A lot of different substances can cause vivid dreams.
Is it possible that you had one of those either knowingly or unknowingly?
Not all are hallucinogens. Some medications cause vivid dreams, especially narcotics given to help control pain.

Pyridoxine (vitamin B-6) has been shown in at least one study to increase dream recall. The amount used in the study was far more than you’d typically get eating. You’d need to take a supplement.

Vitamin B-6 has been shown to increase dream recall.

Some fungi cause vivid dreams and hallucinations. You can be exposed to fungi in many ways. Sometimes, a poorly ventilated bathroom in a humid climate can have mold. Finding and removing the mold and airing the area out can help.
The environment can be complex and work upon the human body. Sick House Syndrome, while not an officially recognized medical condition, is a very real thing. SHS is a collection of symptoms that are related to the condition of a building that one spends a lot of time in.
When you’re trying to rule out the reason for vivid dreams, it can be a chore. Sometimes it helps to have someone else help you look for mold, think about the food you ate, and try to figure out the source.

Is there a spiritual meaning to vivid dreams?

If you’ve ruled out physical influences as a cause for your vivid dreams, you might have a hunch that there’s a spiritual meaning behind them.
Finding that meaning depends on your understanding of it in the context of your life. That means understanding what each and every physical symbol in the dream means to you. You might be tempted to consult a dream dictionary. Your experience and your ideas about the symbol have a greater impact on understanding the meaning.
That the dream is vivid and vibrant in your memory is a sign that your subconscious may be communicating urgently. Paying attention to and actively trying to understand the dreams can sometimes help too.
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