Make the Most of Your Healing Dream

It’s not at all widely talked about, but did you know your dreams can help heal you?

Whether or not you remember them, they can help heal you mentally and emotionally (sleep is always good).

If you remember them and work with them, however, they can do so much more for you.

What a healing dream can do for you

Death of your husband or wife.

Getting fired from your job or changes at the job resulting in some additional pressure.


Or, if you’re a young person, an unplanned pregnancy or abortion, developing a physical deformity, having your parents die or get divorced, or even separate.

These and other events are challenging and stressful. When they happen, it’s easy to get lost in the details of the situations and not even realize how stressed out you are. You can be too busy to even think about how stressed you are.

The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale assigns a numerical value to each event. If you reach a score of 300 from a combination of circumstances, there’s an 80 percent chance that you’ll have an emotional breakdown within two years. Your life can spiral out of control.

You don’t have to be anywhere near 300 points on the scale to feel stress. We all have some ability to cope with stress; the scale is good at measuring the intensity and its propensity for overwhelming. Christmas, for example, is worth 12 points on the scale. Deciding what to buy your friends and family for Christmas can cause some consternation and that adds up, but it’s simply not as potentially overwhelming as facing losing your job, an inability to pay your rent, and subsequent homelessness.

Resiliency is vital at certain times, especially when pressures can overwhelm you.

One thing that can help someone be more resilient is to be able to tap into the power of their healing dreams. Such dreams can come about naturally from your subconscious or be intentional. A healing dream can heighten your resiliency.

Types of healing dreams

Healing dreams can be intricate or simple.

An intricate healing dream will be detailed. It will try to communicate a message. Though the message may or may not add up to a simple concept. For example, you need to love more, or you need to forgive.

The intricate dream will involve many objects, many people, and many things going on.

Ultimately, the dream adds up to healing, relaxation, and emotional reinforcement. If you were aware of it and let it help you, the healing dream will help you by reinforcing and you interpret your life events with new eyes and a fresh outlook.

What’s the big deal about a new outlook and a fresh perspective?


How many times have you written something, let it sit, and then see all of the mistakes you made or a number of ways to improve it? You see those flaws due to a fresh perspective.

How many times have you been mulling a problem and then been struck by inspiration?

That’s fresh insight.

In the moment it can be difficult to remember to examine a problem from a different direction or way. When you’re resting or sleeping, you’ve got the time. An ah-ha moment seems to come natural.

The simple healing dream might be very bland. It can be so bland that it’s challenging to remember. There are a few details for your memory to hang on to and file away. For example, you might be in a room where the walls, doors, and windows are blurry and resting within the dream. Or you’ll be in the presence of a force field of light or be in darkness focusing on some pleasant music, smell, or a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Basically, it’s giving you a reprieve from the stress and tension. It’s as if you were on a grueling hike and you put your pack down for a few minutes to drink water and sit down under a shade tree. You rest. Later you can keep going on, completing the hike.

Whether intricate or simple, realize the healing dream is there to help you mentally and emotionally heal. Being aware of the memory of the dream allows you to do exactly that.

In many people, these dreams occur naturally. If you know that you’re under stress, however, you can make a request of your subconscious to give you one.

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