How To Make Peace With Hearing Voices

From time to time throughout the day Mark feels a little man sitting on his shoulder. The young man turns his head quickly to try to catch a glimpse of him, never quite managing it. Mark thinks he sees the man’s foot disappearing out of the corner of his eye as the man zips out of the range of his vision every time Mark spins to look. Mark never gets a good look so he can’t be sure. That little man is quick.

The invisible man whispers into Mark’s ear. He provides a commentary of everything Mark looks at.

When the man takes a break from saying something nasty about other people, he has advice for Mark. You should kill yourself, the invisible man suggests. The world would be better off without you. You’re a piece of shit.

The little man continues his badgering, over and over again, day after day.

“Stop it!” Mark says. Tears stream down his face. “Stop talking! Just stop!”

The only way I’ll stop is if you kill yourself, the little invisible man says.

“Just leave me alone,” Mark says, muttering. “Why won’t you leave me alone?”