Walking Is An Awesome Exercise Before Bed

Taking a walk before bed is wonderful.

If you can, take a walk before bed whenever you can.

Fitness experts consider walking at a leisurely pace to be a medium to light physical activity. Brisk walking is 3 to 3.5 mph and that’s considered to be moderate physical activity. While you should avoid strenuous physical activity less than two hours before bedtime, walking isn’t going to produce near the same amount of cortisol as a full-out run. Cortisol, one of the stress hormones, is the problem. Taking a walk before bed should be fine.

A lot of people have two feet, two legs, and the cardiovascular capacity to get up and move themselves a mile or two. If that’s you, go for it!

Is it humid where you are at night? Is it too hot? No problem.

The sweat that collects on your skin can be dealt with easily. Go in and dab it off your face with some soap and water. Then rinse and dry. A little quick pre-bed hygiene is good enough for sleep.

The walk can clear your mind, take you away from the blue light of your many computer and TV screens and help digestion.

Few downsides to walking before bed

If the sun has gone down, you could be walking in the dark.

If so, maybe you want to consider a flashlight.

There could be too much traffic to do it safely.

The area could be unsafe with wandering gangs or dogs. In some places wild animals come out.Sleepsia Bamboo Pillow

There could be narrow, patchy sidewalks, speeding cars with drunk drivers.

You might not have anyone to go walking with and, depending on the area, that’s a bad idea.

Really, anything.

If you don’t feel safe in your area, would it make a difference if you took some mace, a big dog, or a friend?

Would it be worth driving somewhere else safer so that you could enjoy a nighttime walk?

Maybe you wouldn’t have to drive far.

The ability to go for a walk at night, to do it with minimal concern for personal safety, to really enjoy it, is a luxury.

It might be worth it to you to figure out how you can get this perk for yourself in order to be able to enjoy it safely.

What you can enjoy while walking at night before bed

Listen for birds in the trees twittering their goodnights.

Take a look at the night sky. Are you in a place where you can see the stars? See what phase the moon is in. See what constellations you can make out. If you’ve never tried to make them out, you should.

Do you know your neighborhood during the day? You should meet it at night.

Maybe say goodnight to your neighbors.

If you need to, carry a can of pepper spray, keep your eyes open, and enjoy.

The night is often really, really lovely. It’s a break from the blasting sun of the day in the summer. With snow, it’s a glowing icy palace in the winter.

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